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Interior Design

Interior design is more than decoration. Raj P. Rawat & Associates takes interior design as a challenge and opportunity to explore every available aspect of size, shape, scale, colors, texture and to give the inner space a character of its own.

Residential Projects

Raj P. Rawat & Associates combines knowledge of design and construction to produce harmonious and functional homes which express the culture of the people.

A matrix to deal with human needs with in the complex through skill full arrangement of spaces ambient enough where one call realize the sole comfort in every aspect of living,be it a bed room or a kitchen or a toilet. Introducing an art of integrating out side open landscaped area with the interior of the complex. External treatment in composition of permanent & semi permanent materials to maintain the visual interest of the variety occupiers

Commercial Projects

Raj P.Rawat & Associates plan both the aesthetics and construction of commercial and industrial buildings in a highly conscious manner, often deliberately attempting to communicate artistic concepts and abstract ideas through inner spaces and structure itself.

Mall & Multiplex

Raj P. Rawat & Associates produce energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings for mall and multiplex. We are able to assist clients to coordinate the aspects of development, operations, economic planning, in built maintenance system, interior designing, decoration, art work and design support to various auxiliary areas including publicity and presentation.

Institutional Projects

In recent years, the design profession has evolved from an art to almost a science. This is true especially in the complex field of Institutional buildings. Raj P rawat Rawat & Associates design institutional building keeping in view various aspects of its operation, energy consumption and maintenance.